Top 10 Amazon Buys for Parents in 2021

Amazon has been a huge help to our family throughout the pandemic. From boxes of cereal to toiletries, reusable face masks for the whole family and fun things to keep the kids entertained. Here are my top picks for parents in 2021!

Push Pop Sensory Toys – Fidget Toy for All Ages

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Available in countless fun shapes, colors and styles, these sensory toys are great for kids of all ages. In fact, you’ll probably find yourself wanting to play with it! You’ll want one for each of your kids! I got one for my daughter and immediately my son requested I order one for him too.

Uncrustable Sandwich Pocket Maker – Kids Can’t Resist These Sandwiches

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It’s been the same old story with my 10-year-old: Eat your crust! But rather than fighting him, I decided I’d take a different approach and make sandwiches fun. This simple tool cuts and forms the perfect bread-based sandwich pocket every time. My son was so excited about it that he got me to make him a PB&J the first night, and he wolfed it down with no fight. Next morning, he made a breakfast sandwich himself with it and was beaming with pride. We now feed the crusts to the critters, and my son loves eating his sandwiches… right to the last bite.

Steel Nesting Bowls With Stackable Lids and MESS FREE Cheese Grater

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I felt like I was doing some serious adulting when I ordered these nesting bowls. But ohmigosh, do I ever love them! They save cupboard space, but provide great mixing bowls that can be used for serving. I’ve made marinades in them, then added the vegetables, then dumped it in the hot pan, and then poured it back into the same bowl, put the lid on it and put it on the table for dinner! They have a rubberized outer base that lets me put hot food on the table without even needing a hot plate. Then, pop the lid back on and toss it in the fridge for leftovers. The cheese grater is icing on the cake: grates directly into the lid-covered bowl with no mess and very little cleanup. They’re even dishwasher safe! You need these.

Acrylic Paint Markers – Paint Many Surfaces WIthout The Mess

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Did someone say mess-free painting? Yes, please! These “markers” actually self-moisten their tips with acrylic paint! That means painting paper, wood, plastic, and rocks is easy and mess-free! This one should have adult supervision, but do these ever work great! I even use them to add fine detail to my 3D printed projects.

Laptop Stand for Eye-Level Ergonomics

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Through the pandemic, the kids have been on the computer way more than we’d normally allow. Forced online learning, followed by social time with friends via video games and online chat. So my wife and I wanted to do what we could to ensure the kids are sitting with good posture, and a great way to help with that was with an adjustable laptop stand. It simply puts the monitor at the correct level, and prevents the kids from looking down, getting headaches and sore necks. My wife and I have also been using it and it really helps. We bought a wireless keyboard and mouse combo as well to make it more comfortable to use in this position.

Adorable Cat Body Pillow – You Choose The Size

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Available in an assortment of sizes from 50-130cm (roughly 1-foot to 4.25 feet), these adorable plush kitties are perfect for laying down for a family movie night, or just for cuddling at bed time. They’re also super comfy to cuddle.

Affordable Nintendo Switch “Pro” Controller – It’s Well-Built But 1/4 The Price!

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I’ve now bought one of these for all 3 of my kids, and I’m going to buy another one for me! This well-built Nintendo Switch controller feels great to play with, and is so much more enjoyable than the expensive JoyCons. Your kids will love it, and so will you.

LED Garage Lights – Lifechanging Lighting

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This may seem like a stretch, but as a dad and husband, I know how frustrating it can be to be unable to see in the garage. But that is a distant memory since I bought LED Garage Lights. They’re bright, almost heat-free, and you won’t believe what a difference they make. Seriously – I’ll never go back to “normal” light bulbs for my garage. I may get one for my laundry room too.

Chewable Multivitamins for Kids

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The kids haven’t been getting nearly as much outdoor play time the past year, and we do our best to ensure they get a balanced diet, but it’s good to make sure they are getting the vitamins they need. You might be surprised how great the prices are on Amazon for this sort of thing, and many are available for their “Subscribe and Save” which gives you additional discounts to get them on a schedule, and ensures you always have them on hand (and never have to go to the store for them).

And Finally: The Kids Are In Bed, It’s Time For You Time.

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Whiskey not included. Thanks for reading! And, cheers.


Thanks for clicking links in this post. I get a small commission from each sale, and I put that toward the projects I give for free to the online community. If you’re not familiar with what I do, you can check out my YouTube channel where I provide free tech tutorials. I also write free software like Pinecraft Installer and NEMS Linux.

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