My wife gave me kisses.


I just ate 3 Hershey’s Kisses which my wife had packed for me this morning… and I feel like that was way too much candy. My how my mind has changed from when I’d eat a whole bowl of M&M’s.  I think weight loss is less about the body and more about the mind.

Being a jerk never got you anything but burnt grass…


I found this funny. We had a new neighbour move in next door. Our front yard is shared, but small. With our previous neighbour, it was never a big deal… if I was mowing the grass, I’d mow the whole yard. If they were mowing the grass, they’d mow the whole yard.

But our new neighbour is petty.

It was a bright, hot, scorching day on Saturday. The kind of day where you know not to do anything outside beyond drink a mojito or chomp down on a freezie pop. That was the day the neighbour got out their lawn mower.

They mowed their half of the yard, with a perfectly straight mow line down the middle of our tiny lot. My wife and I rolled our eyes and thought, that’s so petty. Just one week earlier I handed him one of my beers which he downed while watching me mow both sides of the lawn. But here we are, 7 days later, and he wouldn’t have it: this is my lawn, that’s his lawn… split down the middle.

So, things cooled off the next day, and I went out and mowed “my side” of the yard.

It rained the next day, and my side of the lawn looks lovely and green. Remember how hot it was the day he mowed the lawn though?  The “neighbour’s side” of the yard is entirely sun scorched! It’s brown and yellow and dead.

Part of me is glad my neighbour is petty. My side of the lawn looks great.


The problem with poor grammar: jokes don’t work.


The problem with raising children with poor grammar can be summarized in a conversation I had with my 5 year old son tonight. In my efforts to trick him into saying “underwear” in the classic verbal trap, I said to him “What’s under there?” to which he responded, “What’s under what?”

Windows 8 looks like a messy wall decorated by a 6 year old.


Screenshot from the new commercial depicting the Windows 8 home screen by way of metaphor.

Yes, it looks like Microsoft hit the nail on the head with their first commercial for Windows 8.  In it, they depict the Windows 8 interface metaphorically.  It looks like a messy wall decorated by a 6 year old.

Just sayin’.

A photographic look back at Season 5


Well, it’s hard to believe, but Season 5 is over, and now… we rest. But only for a few days, because we’re back with Season 6 this Tuesday!

Here is a look back at Season 5 of Category5 Technology TV in pictures…