BALDNERD Ontario License Plate

BALDNERD Ontario License Plate

If you drive between Barrie and Toronto, Ontario, you may spot the white Dodge Grand Caravan sporting the BALDNERD Ontario License Plate. This is the mobile studio where we record the Data Drive Podcast for Category5 Creative and you might see yourself on an upcoming show!

We make every effort to respect the privacy of other drivers. We won’t post embarrassing clips or exhibit rude behavior toward those sharing the road with us while we record our podcast.

Where Can I Listen to Data Drive Podcast?

We maintain a current list of available subscription options at

Who Am I?

Hi there! I’m Robbie Ferguson, a YouTuber from Barrie, Ontario, Canada. In addition to owning Category5 Creative, I work in an IT department at an office in Toronto where I serve hundreds of staff. Check out the Category5 TV About Us page for more about me, or follow me on Mastodon.

Why Are You Called The Bald Nerd?

Really? You have to ask? I am what I am, and I’m proud to be me. 🤣

How’s My Driving?

I hope I was courteous on the road.

Dashcam Footage?

If you captured the BALDNERD van on your dashcam, send the footage to [email protected] for your chance to win a gift card for a local vendor!

Why Create a Road-Based Podcast?

I’m an extreme productivity nut. While I enjoy quiet time, relaxation and peace and quiet, I’m usually working on some project or another in my head even in those moments. Since we commute 3-4 hours per day, in an effort to make that time more productive, we decided to start a podcast. It helps us pass the time, and hopefully gives our listeners / viewers some enjoyable content for their own commute.

Is it Safe to Drive and Record a Podcast?

My colleague and I converse whether we have a dashcam recording us or not. We pay no attention to the recording equipment, and maintain complete focus on the drive itself. We edit out all the spots where we silently focus on the drive, and share the most interesting discussions.