Season 6 Upgrade Survey

Well, Season 6 is upon us, and I’ve been really working hard to establish a good strong sponsor base.  Thanks to your support by clicking banners and purchasing products from our supporters (please, keep it up!), we’ll be able to further improve things on the set of Category5 TV this year.

Here are my ideas, and what I’d ask is that you comment below with your vote or your own ideas if you have some that are better.

  1. More Music
    I’ve been thinking it would be fun for viewers as well as our team to end the show each Tuesday with a single musical number by Eric Kidd and/or guests.  I would like to purchase a reasonably priced (even used) electric drum kit to help make this as good as can be.
  2. More On Location
    The creation of a more portable studio rig would mean we could travel to local companies more often, and even do more “on location” broadcasts (outside our studio).
  3. Better Video Quality
    Plain and simple; this means stepping things up to a prosumer camera.  The advantage to this one is we may be able to turn revenue by upgrading the camera since we’d be able to produce better looking commercials for local companies than we can with our consumer gear.

What’re your thoughts, and do any of the above really appeal to you?

– Robbie

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11 years ago

All great ideas Robbie! And I would enjoy seeing some more drawings again too. I did notice you tried to answer more questions from viewers again lately, so I won’t mention that.
For ‘On location’, just use those camera-goggles for BSP, and strap a computer to your back and put the webcam on a stick for in front of you.

11 years ago

More Linux Distro reviews? I watched the episode when you reviewed crunchbang and i think you will really like bodhi linux. It’s just as lite as hm LXDE in terms of been good looking it can rival KDE only with very little resources. Been using it for months and its really awesome! Not ideal for some one who is new to Linux.

Seeing more of Eric Kidd and his guitar would be epic! Nice to kick back and Chillax to a good song after a hard day at the office or if you’ve just learned something new and you need time for it to sink in music always does the trick xD
Robbie always teaches us something so it would be cool to have a nice tune after wards. Maybe a song to inspire people to back up often? lol

Thank you for a great show as always 🙂 Hope we see more of Eric kidd and that ancient guitar of his on season 6!

Sorry if i have miss-spelt some words i am so tired i’m writing this in my sleep.

Anna Small-Adams
11 years ago

Good morning Robbie. I would welcome an opportunity to have a chat with you over a glass of wine.