Feed servers rolled over, affecting Miro Internet TV, RSS feeds, and direct downloads.

As you know, I’ve worked hard to bring you the new transcoders the past while.

This meant introducing a whole new distribution model, with all new servers and a redeveloped distribution infrastructure for Category5 TV (yes, we outgrew our previous solutions).

We have a number of main distribution nodes, but there are three primary content delivery networks.  We’ll call them CDN 1, CDN 2, and CDN 3.

During the initial stages of the transition, we placed our RSS feeds, Miro Internet TV and other “downloaders” such as the direct download links on CDN 1.  It is our slowest, least reliable CDN, but it is also the cheapest for us to operate.

CDN 2 was not in use yet, and CDN 3 is our fastest, most reliable and most expensive system.  CDN 3 was implemented as our on-demand distribution node.  This means if you watched the show via our web site or a player embed, you were watching it through CDN 3.

Miro Internet TV in particular was experiencing some speed issues pulling form CDN 1, and the past two weeks one of our syndicate partners was also having trouble pulling the HD file down from the CDN 1 direct download links as provided by our weekly email.

So, I have now replicated everything onto CDN 2, which is much faster and more reliable than CDN 1, but not nearly as expensive as CDN 3 to operate.

I have moved all RSS feeds, Miro Internet TV feeds and direct download links onto CDN 2 and now CDN 1 becomes simply a redundant option for us to use should either of the other CDN’s become unavailable.

All this to say, you should now notice that your downloads are faster, and that you don’t experience timeouts when downloading the larger HD files from our services.

Thanks for your patience as we worked out the kinks.

To subscribe, visit http://cat5.tv/rss


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