How pastimes have changed over the years

Although changes in society are part and parcel with technological progress, the 21st Century has seen a radical transformation in how we are able to enjoy our favourite past-times. You just have to look back to your childhood memories and remember what was popular at the time as a reminder of just how far the world has evolved. Playing marbles, having fun with a yoyo and watching television when there were just three terrestrial channels to choose from are now a thing of the past, and while you are more than entitled to continue to enjoy traditional pastimes that some may consider out-dated and obsolete, it is difficult to ignore the digital-age alternatives. Significant advancements in technology have created a new wave of activities and interests that keep us occupied when we have time to ourselves away from work – it is amazing how so much has changed in so little time.

Gaming has long remained a popular form of pastime for both children and adults who like to immerse themselves in an engrossing board game or video game that provides endless hours of fun and enjoyment. Although the former continues to be played by friends and family members who still gain enjoyment for playing classics, such as Monopoly, Pictionary and Cluedo, together, the latter has been transformed into a past-time for people of all ages and gender.
You may remember back to 1990 when the Sega Mega Drive was launched as one of the first consoles to hit the market, and now the evolution of gaming technology has brought to life advanced into new generation graphics and superb animation capture technology that make video games look more realistic and life-like than ever before, you can now play games through handheld devices. Mobile phones and tablets make it possible for you to enjoy your favourite games whilst on the go, and therefore not confined to having to sit in front of a computer or console; every age group is catered to via a plethora of downloadable apps that provide you and your children with instant access to enjoyable puzzle, brain teaser and action games. You can even access online gaming websites via Wi-Fi internet access, with Spin Palace among numerous sites that provide you with endless hours of entertainment wherever you are.

Television and film
Watching television used to be a past-time enjoyed by the whole family sat together in one room, and this was during an era when having a set in your bedroom was not common practice. However, not only have televisions transformed in terms of screen size and high definition graphics that have enhanced our viewing pleasures, but there are now a plethora of channels to choose from via satellite subscriptions. New channels are always being added to the list, with niche programmes providing something for everyone and providing you with something which suits your personal taste. A new age of mobile phone and tablet technology have also made it possible for you to access television networks, such as Netflix and Hulu, which provide thousands of television series and films for your viewing entertainment to be fulfilled whilst on the go. Subscribing to Amazon Prime via the internet also allows you to stream any movie from their extensive list to enjoy by yourself, or with your partner, children or friends, which is certainly a major advancement from the days of having two or three channels to choose from.

Reading books may forever remain one of the most popular pastimes enjoyed by millions, but the emergence of the Kindle, alongside other handheld devices, may render them obsolete in the future. You can now gain access to thousands of big-selling novels electronically – all at the touch of a button on a Kindle which is able to store hundreds of e-books. Using a Kindle effectively prevents you from needing to carry heavy books around or having to turn the page, with touch screen technology providing a much more convenient and relaxing way to enjoy your favourite authors.

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