Studio D: Day 12

It’s nice to be refreshed! I took a week off and just baked in the sun, and spent time with my wife and kids. It was well needed, and now I feel like I could build 11 Studio D’s!

So, here’s the story… one of our viewers from the GTA contacted me about our security system needs, and on Day 12, he made the trip up the highway to visit Studio D and start laying the wiring needed to keep the studio protected from bad guys and robots.

My secret motivation also surrounded the fact that I didn’t want to be doing electrical work without someone spotting me.

This viewer’s name is Anthony, and on today’s Backstage Pass video, you’ll get the introductions.

As you know, the Teespring campaign ended, and my sweatshirt just arrived. It’s really awesome! So you’ll get to see that today too! And if you want one, well, head over to and tell them you want them to re-open the campaign by clicking the “WAIT! I still want one” button. All proceeds go to getting us a brand new camera to make my shiny head even shinier, and give you the bestest show ever.

Check out today’s video!

Thanks for your continued support of our Studio D project! It’s happening, folks!!


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