Studio D: Day 33

Day 33 was exciting! While Hillary recorded Tuesday’s show, I worked hard to pack up all the gear. Yes, this meant her poor microphone got disconnected and I heard non-stop complaints in the chat room about the on-board camera audio for Episode 366, but hey… it had to be done.

The moment Hillary signed off, I tore apart the studio desk, and we moved everything over to Studio D.

Tali tagged along to help with the video portion, and while it’s a bit “herky jerky”, I enjoyed giving her the chance to learn how to use a video camera… one day she’ll be part of the Category5 on-air crew, so it’s a good experience for her. And some of her commentary really made me laugh. And some of her commentary really impressed me. It struck me as I listened back to the recording that she’d actually been absorbing the things I’d taught her through this process. That really impressed me.

So, enjoy the video! More to come as we setup the room, and inevitably paint before our first live show in Studio D on September 30th.

Thanks for all your love and support!


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9 years ago

Congrats on moving in, but doesn’t moving large furniture always suck?

Susan Bishop aka Songbird
Susan Bishop aka Songbird
9 years ago

I am so glad you have moved into your new Studio D!  One reason is for your Family to have more space and the other is for the Show to have more space.  And your Daughter did a wonderful job at video taping.  I can not believe how articulate she is at such a young age.  And the Boys are just adorable.  You can tell the Kids are very lucky to have such smart Parents and of course you both for having those SO cute little ones!   Looking forward to watching many more shows.  Songbird