Studio D: The Learning Experience

Studio D is an exciting adventure for me and Category5 Technology TV.

One of the coolest things about this project is how much I’m learning. From all the valuable information provided by Andy Christie during our inspection, and the subsequent ripping out of the drywall, to the leak repair and caulking, as well as lighting knowledge provided by Robert. And then to boot, Paulo comes along offering his time as well, and all of a sudden I’m learning how to do electrical work! I’m learning so much, and these skills transcend the Studio D project and will no doubt make me a better home owner as well. Plus, I feel it’s good to learn new things… and be able to then use those skills to help other people when they have need.

It’s been a joy sharing my experiences with you so far as we work toward the completion of studio D. If you haven’t followed along yet, check out the video playlist at the top of this page. It’s raw, largely uncut, and full of great information. But it’s also a lot of fun!

Thank you for your support through this project thus far. If you’d like to contribute, please head over to to find out what ways you can support us.



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Rick van Lieshout
9 years ago

Hey Robbie, it’s fun to see you learn new things.
I laughed my behind off when you were doing the drywall episode haha.

I would also like the say that you’re not the only one going to get some hardware only to realise it’s a sunday and most shops are closed. I’ve done that … haha. You just get so caught up in the work that you totally forget about that stuff.


Would love to help, but there’s no way you can get me into a plane to come to ontario for a week. (unless you somehow manage to find me a service where I can take a transporter or a shuttle craft.)