Win a set of Beltone First hearing aids

Category5 Technology TV and Beltone Canada are giving away a pair of Beltone First hearing aids (left & right ear), and including a fitting at an authorized Beltone Centre in Canada–a prize valued at $7,000.

Beltone First is a sophisticated, Bluetooth connected hearing aid that uses an iPhone / iPad app to control your hearing aids, and even take calls directly on your hearing aids.

To win:

  1. Register for a free account at www.Category5.TV
  2. Email [email protected] with the subject “Help me hear“. In the body of the email, include:
    • Your username as per step 1.
    • A short description of your hearing difficulty (or that of a loved one, if qualifying on their behalf).
    • Your mailing address (for shipping, in event that you win).
  3. Tune in to Category5 Technology TV on July 29 to win!


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Christine Sutton
Christine Sutton
10 years ago

“Help me hear”

I should have read the instructions before sending my previous response.  I didn’t follow the instructions very well.  Here’s hoping I get it right this time!

I have lost the ability to hear most if not all of the lower tones in my left ear, which is affected by Meniere’s,  so there is constant ringing in that ear and at times it can seem like it is hard to hear over that noise, a tiring endeavor 🙂 I have not had my hearing tested in many years so I do not know the status of any changes.




Christine Sutton
Christine Sutton
10 years ago

I would love to win these hearing aids! I know I need to have my hearing tested again, but have been putting it off. Recently I had a chance to try a pair of hearing aids and it was really a thrill to be able to hear some of the sounds I’ve been missing, maybe its my time to hear better! If I don’t win, I hope they are won by someone who’s life will be enhanced by the beautiful sounds in the world.