Starting to feel old…

I guess I’m starting to feel old when I was actually part of the “good ol’ days”. How did this happen?

Watching The Sing Off and realizing most of the great bands were born in the 90’s.

Missing the days when conducting research was an experience, not a Google search.

Hearing songs on the “retro” radio show that were brand new, hot tracks when I was a teenager.

And looking at my baby girl who is fast becoming a little lady.

Better make the best of each day, because this is all going way too fast.

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10 years ago

You’re not old! You’re just well-seasoned. You do have about 7 of those after all.
And in my opinion, the really good stuff was older, or much of it. But then, things get re-hashed every 20 years or so. Just before nobody could tell, because there was no internet to look things up and generation-conflicts and such.