My wife gave me kisses.


I just ate 3 Hershey’s Kisses which my wife had packed for me this morning… and I feel like that was way too much candy. My how my mind has changed from when I’d eat a whole bowl of M&M’s.  I think weight loss is less about the body and more about the mind.

I have a 6-pack. But it’s covered in fat.

I finally got myself a bicycle! Yeah, that’s right… 34 years old and I finally have a bike.

When our first child was born, I simply stopped riding. I had no friends to bike with, and with a baby around, it wasn’t like we could go for a family bike ride… so I gave my bike away.

But now, with this being Tali’s 9th birthday, and she has learned to ride a 2-wheeler (while she waited late to learn, she’s a quick study! Started riding on 2 wheels after just 2 tries!) I decided I needed to get a set of 2 wheels myself.

After around a month and a half searching online classifieds for a bike, I finally sealed the deal … a $40 deal.  🙂  It needed a bit of work, but nothing I couldn’t handle myself.

I’ve been trying to lose weight for some time… and making huge headway! I’m down two and a half belt notches.  I’m on the “skinniest” holes of my belt, and getting into my shorts from last year, I’m blown away that the shorts which were snug-but-comfy last year are about 4″ too big for me this year.

It’s about 18 lbs (fluctuating between 16-18 lbs) I’ve lost since January.

So why am I so excited to finally have a bike?

I feel like I’m doing a lot… maybe not all I can, but a lot, when it comes to diet and not overdoing it, but I still don’t get enough “endurance exercise”. I’ve been doing stomach crunches for a few months with great success, but still not seeing the firm stomach I’d hoped for.

And then I read this line in a fitness blog (sorry, I don’t know which one) that I realized had a bigger impact than I thought… otherwise, I would have bookmarked it…

“You have a 6-pack, but you can’t see it for all the fat.”

That’s raw. But it’s true. Stomach crunches are doing wonders, but you can’t see the results like you should, because my stomach is covered in fat.

My hope is that biking is going to help eliminate some of the excess fat and help tone me down to where I should be.

We’ll see!  I may have to blog my progress, if anyone is interested.


Starting to feel old…

I guess I’m starting to feel old when I was actually part of the “good ol’ days”. How did this happen?

Watching The Sing Off and realizing most of the great bands were born in the 90’s.

Missing the days when conducting research was an experience, not a Google search.

Hearing songs on the “retro” radio show that were brand new, hot tracks when I was a teenager.

And looking at my baby girl who is fast becoming a little lady.

Better make the best of each day, because this is all going way too fast.

My embarrassing adventure at the LCBO.

Ready for my embarrassing, yet utterly hilarious story from today?

So, I decided it’d be nice to pick up some “Christmas Cheer” on our way home from shopping… sit by the fire tonight once the kids are in bed, with the twinkle of Christmas lights on the new-fallen snow… a perfect evening planned.

It’s a lazy Saturday and I didn’t really “dress nice” or anything… just a track suit, and unshaven face. The snow also came on pretty suddenly (literally overnight), and I haven’t found my winter boots yet since our move in August. Keep all these details in mind. Scruffy looking dude, wearing a track suit with a junky jacket on top, and wearing running shoes in this blustery winter weather.

I’m generally an outgoing person, and I like to make people smile just by being friendly and a little bit charming.

I enter the LCBO up on Bayfield Street, and there’s a lady giving Whiskey samples up at the front. Turn on the charm, I say to her “Boy, am I glad to see you!”, a bit of a joke about her handing out samples of whiskey.

Now, that would have been fine.


As the words came out of my mouth, my shoes (yes, running shoes, on this wintery day) slipped as I entered the store. I stumbled, and slammed into the posts that you’re supposed to gracefully spin trough on your way in.

Trying not to lose my cool, I proceeded to walk over to her table, still slipping a little.

She looked at me … and it was clear she was judging me.

OH MY GOSH, I realized; “She thinks I’m DRUNK”. GASP!

She proceeded to pour me a sample, and no word of a lie: 1.5… maybe 2mL in the bottom of the glass! She didn’t want to give me a sample! She literally thought I was entering the store drunk! LOL!

I can’t say I blame her! In walks scruffy guy. “Boy, am I ever glad to see you!”. Trip. Slam into pole. Stumble over. Drink 1.5 mL of Whiskey.

MY GOODNESS, that was about as embarrassed as I’ve ever been (when I realized what she was thinking), and I have no doubt in my mind she has since told people about this “drunk guy” who visited her tonight. My word!

Well, for the record, the whiskey was nice (all 1.5mL of it). I might have bought some if I didn’t feel it important to quickly get away from that table as fast as I could!