Studio D: Day 21

Okay, so people told me all about how dusty sanding drywall mud is, but why did nobody mention how much work it is? That was brutal!

I spent several hours sanding the mud by hand, and figured out a way to speed it up by being slightly less… you know… picky (I’m an extreme perfectionist with all I do).

I was feeling really encouraged when the rain poured down but the studio was still dry, but then the rain started working its way into the studio as well. My heart sank a little at that point, but I’m pressing on and trusting and believing this is all going to come together beautifully. No time to dwell on it just yet.

I’m doing pretty well, but finding the days long and tiring. I can’t wait to move everything in and get to the point where the studio is just a studio.

Check out the Backstage Pass video from Day 21:

Thanks for all your support!


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9 years ago

Hey Robbie,
My first drywall project, when it came to sanding I used the sanding block as well. A lot of work so I got the bright idea to use my electric sander. Not a good idea, after 10 minutes I looked like a snowman and the whole room was covered in drywall dust. Then I went to my local hardware store and asked if there was a better way. He handed my a drywall sander. That thing works a lot faster with less effort. All it is is a handle that holds a sanding screen and it is made for sanding drywall. It doesn’t cast much either. Great tool.