Studio D: Day 22

Some days I just don’t have the time to stay at Studio D for hours on end, but I still want to get things done. Day 22 is one of those days.

The landlord visited the night before (I didn’t have the camera with me, nor would it have made exciting video) to simply turn off the power to the wall receptacles, so on Day 22 I could safely replace the outlet which Paulo had discovered to be rusted out, having been filled and drained of rainwater many times through the years.

Tali was with me so she held my phone to capture the video for you. It’s not the best quality clip, but at least it’s not vertical  😉

Here ya go! Day 22…

Have an amazing night!!


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9 years ago

Wait…doing electrical work and you say this is a “short” video? “Electrical” and “Short” is a bad combination! 🙂 This is a BRIEF video about electrical work.