Studio D: Day 11

The day after Paulo visited, I continued working on the wiring while a friend joined me to help clean the tiles.

The next few weeks will be very busy with all we need to do at Studio D, so I took some downtime last week to prevent burnout.

Thanks for your continued support! More to come later this week.


Studio D: The Learning Experience

Studio D is an exciting adventure for me and Category5 Technology TV.

One of the coolest things about this project is how much I’m learning. From all the valuable information provided by Andy Christie during our inspection, and the subsequent ripping out of the drywall, to the leak repair and caulking, as well as lighting knowledge provided by Robert. And then to boot, Paulo comes along offering his time as well, and all of a sudden I’m learning how to do electrical work! I’m learning so much, and these skills transcend the Studio D project and will no doubt make me a better home owner as well. Plus, I feel it’s good to learn new things… and be able to then use those skills to help other people when they have need.

It’s been a joy sharing my experiences with you so far as we work toward the completion of studio D. If you haven’t followed along yet, check out the video playlist at the top of this page. It’s raw, largely uncut, and full of great information. But it’s also a lot of fun!

Thank you for your support through this project thus far. If you’d like to contribute, please head over to to find out what ways you can support us.



Studio D: Day 10

Behold, the most epic of all days, day 10  😉

Seriously! Imagine a 10 hour work day where you had the video camera running the whole time thinking “Oh, that’ll be a great idea: means I’ll have a recording to work with”.  And then, sit down in the editing room and gasp and wonder what on earth you were thinking!

So, here it is! Edited down to a 1 hour mega super day special!

On this incredible, productive day, I bought a cute little fridge to keep cream and drinks cold for the studio crew, and also welcomed a viewer–Paulo–into Studio D. He is a combination electrician, contractor and all-round good guy who volunteered to help with a lot of the stuff I’m just not capable of doing… or at least until I’m shown how. He proved to be a great teacher and fun guy to work with … and it’s a good thing too, because it was a LONG day!

Enjoy the special! Make sure you set aside some extra time this week and let’s get these lights up!


Studio D: Day 8

Hey all!

Been a very busy week with all that’s going on! Robert was good enough to come by to help me get started on the caulking, and I even got up into the drop ceiling to see what kind of state the wiring is in as I prepare for Sunday’s lighting replacement.

Here’s the video of Day 8 with Robert and myself:

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Have a great night!


Studio D: Day 7

It’s been an unbelievably busy couple of weeks!

Yesterday, I was visited by Robert, who has offered to take care of the caulking to seal up the building and stop the water from leaking into our new space. As it turns out, Robert is quite the lighting expert as well, and has a lot to teach us about color temperature and color.

Robert returns to Studio D on Day 8 to actually do the work! It’s going to be great!

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Thanks for your support!


Studio D: Is This Real Life?

When Bekah and I went shopping to buy our first house, we had a dream: to move Category5 Technology TV into its own space.

That dream took longer than we’d anticipated to come to fruition, but it finally has! Studio D is real! I saw it with my own eye bulbs, and even have the key in my pocket right now!

I met with the landlord at 9:30am today to hand off our insurance papers and receive the key. A wonderful handful of people showed up to help clean the place top to bottom, and we finished cleaning in only 3 hours!

There is some water damage from a leak which we thought was a previous leak, but thanks to a good hard rainfall today, we got to see the water coming in. So at least we know right away what we’re up against. We need to rip out a fair bit of drywall and assess the damage, and repair and paint the whole place. It’s going to be a huge job, but so worth it. Thank you to the volunteers who endeavour to make it possible!

I said to Bekah, the strange thing about Studio D is, the more real it becomes, the more surreal it becomes. I can’t believe it’s finally happening!

The owner of a local wireless ISP came by to assess provision of Internet services, and he noted from the roof that indeed their tower is line of sight, and we should have no trouble receiving a good strong Internet signal.

Step one is complete… the place is ours, and clean. Now to do the repairs and paint. At that time we’ll be ready to start moving our gear.

Thanks all!