#Cat5TV making its way to #China.

Hongjiang wrote me this week, “Hi Robbie: I am a Chinese college student. Several months ago I was in Germany. During that time I discovered “Category 5 Technology TV” through internet, and fell in love with the show instantly. But what’s really frustrating is that after I got back to China, I can not watch the show any more! Even though I can still access to your website and read the notes. I think it’s because of some networking policy of mainland China (The same reason we can not get access to Youtube or Facebook). Now my only solution is to ask some friend in Hongkong to help downloading the show and sending it to me weekly.

Well Hongjiang, you’re not the first to make mention of this problem, and it’s been haunting me for some time that the “Great Firewall of China” blocks your access to Category5 Technology TV.
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