It’s turtle time! Turtlecoin, that is.

I’ve been mining TRTL for a little more than a week now, and it’s a blast.

Turtlecoin is fast becoming recognized for its amazing community.

One of the fun ways to obtain TRTL is by participating in a raindance.

A raindance happens when anyone donates 5,000 TRTL or more to the rainbot. At that time, it starts to “rain turtles” and anyone who “catches” them gets an equal portion of the rain. For example, if someone contributes 10,000 TRTL to the raindance and 100 people participate, each participant will receive 100 TRTL.

What makes it intense is that you only have 90 seconds to send the rainbot your wallet address and then click the icon that corresponds to the instructions you get back from rainbot. 90 seconds sounds like a long time, but when the rain is falling in a typhoon, it can get crazy.

Next Friday (a week from today) is going to be the most exciting raindance I’ve ever seen. Rather than donating to rainbot, everyone is meant to set their mining software to mine directly to the rainbot’s wallet. With enough participants (they’re expecting 160 or more) the rain could fall every 90 seconds!

I will be livecasting the Turtle Typhoon on YouTube, so make sure you subscribe to to get the notification when we go live!

Find out more about Turtlecoin at Make sure you get your wallet address setup in advance (so you can collect rain), and when you’re done, I’d welcome you to consider donating a portion of your TRTL to supporting Category5 TV.

Our wallet address is:


Here is the event announcement. You can check for updates by visiting their Discord and typing !tag typhoon

Turtle Typhoon – Mine the Storm!

You are Invited to the Raindance Party!

**From 8pmEST/1amGMT on Friday 9th March**


If you would like to join the raindance here’s how to get started (rain will occur randomly before the set date also):

If you are mining TRTL and would like to donate to the rainbot during the Turtle Typhoon simply change your wallet_address in your xmr-stak config to the raindance donation address.

The raindance donation address is: